Thanks God, There’s eBay!

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I was never the seller type of person in eBay really. Back in the days when it didn’t occur to me that online business would actually work for me, I was purely a spectator. Add being a wisher too, who constantly adds up everything I watch on eBay to my personal wishlist.

The very first time I made a transaction in eBay was in April 2008 when I bought my second-hand Nokia N93i for a whooping price of PhP 15,000. Don’t throw me a look that says that’s not even hefty, because for a poor person like me and for the way the transaction is made, that’s got to be something. For a first timer, I didn’t know there would actually be swindlers lurking around on the site. But yes, I made my first successful transaction in eBay.

Since then I would buy in eBay time and again—from clothes to flipflops, to books and softwares, computer parts, among other—and thanks God I have never ever been fooled by any fraudulent sellers. I cannot imagine why there are buyers who got tricked. Pardon me but I guess they are plainly stupid, stupid for not being meticulous. Fortunately, all the transactions I made in eBay were all fraud-free. In fact, it was me who got into little nasty dealings with some sellers: I didn’t pay for about three items I won on bidding. Silly me, and poor sellers! They had to give me “unpaid item strike” cases.

Now it’s time I sold items. I just sold my three Harry Potter wands and two HP action figures, all for a price of 5,790 after the bid. It was both the need to have money for the summertime, now that I did not accept any teaching load, and also the urge to clean the house from things I could actually live without and things that had rather only sat up and weathered that prompted me to queue my things up for auction.

As of this writing, my feedback in eBay is 17, with a yellow star on, and counting. Selling and buying online is so much easier than the actual. That cuts off the hassle and the effort of your legs walking around in stores or your tongue talking to the seller. With online trade like in eBay, let your fingers just do the job!

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