Home Sweet Home: Back to My Asylum

home sweet home, smoking chimney
There may be many valid reasons to leave home, but there are so much more reasons to always come back home.

I first left home for a job that placed me in Pampanga and Olongapo in November 2008. Remembering back then, I had hard time adapting to the ways and culture these two places have. I had twisted emotions then: on one side I felt so damn free to do everything I wanted and go wherever I desired without the inhibition or opinions of my dear parents, but on the other side I wished I never left because the loneliness was difficult to bear.

Either my resilience or the being left with no other choice has moved me to go on with my life away from home, no matter how searing the pain of loneliness was, that even of wishing I could disappear like a bubble there and reappear as me back in my hometown. But of course that requires a miracle, and I could only hope and pray.

The only times that I could come home were at Christmas holiday breaks. And you can only imagine how fleeting the days spent with my family and friends could be, owing to the fact that there could only be two weeks at most for holiday break.

So this summer, I opted to refuse any teaching load as a clinical instructor and go back home. And go, I did. As a write this I am now in the comfort of our humble abode, enjoying the days just relaxing and sleeping, and, well, nothing else to do but rest. Sure my job pays me well, but rest and relaxation is something that cannot be paid.

Aside from missing my family and friends, I also miss writing so much. It is my very passion, and I have had such regret why I left writing on my blogs to nothing. But then again, whatever decision I made before that got my blogs unattended was also something I wanted or needed that time. That is what life like is…

So now I am back in my asylum, literally and figuratively. Here in My Consoling Asylum, I will do all in my power to get back to blogging again – something I so love doing. And this I will do now in the comfort of my very own asylum, in our home here in Tagum.

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