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I could not be any happier that my 3-month training as a nurse in Davao Regional Hospital (DRH) has come to its official conclusion yesterday. The Culmination Ceremony went mighty fine, thanks to all the trainees for their support and cooperation, and most of all for their trusting me as their, err, President. And so much more thanks to my officers who were there to back me up whenever I needed help. It would not have all been possible had you not helped me all along. I appreciate it very much…

If you would go back to my previous post (although that was somewhat a sponsored post) I spoke of our meeting, us officers, for the Culmination Ceremony. It was not until I got home that day that it suddenly occurred to me to include a community singing of us all trainees. That idea was initiated primarily by my listening to my phone’s stored mp3 songs, particularly “Next In Line” by After Image. And so immediately I sent a message to all my officers about the idea, and they said it was a clever one.

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woow !! video is so creative and engaging !!

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