Gay boy goes gaga "Just Dance"-ing to Lady Gaga

just dance by lady gaga singles cover
I instantly loved Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” when Lady Gaga herself, together with two backup dancers, performed it live on Miss Universe 2008, so yesterday I tried to YouTube a good record of it for me download the video and convert it to mp3 by way of aTube Catcher, as it saves a lot of file size that way without compromising the audio quality.

So I keyed in the keywords, and to my dismay there weren’t a lot of results returned yet in YouTube yesterday. I think there was only around three to four results showed, which no official video of the song just yet (but it has a lot of results now!). So I had to do with the “unofficials”, and I found this one video very entertaining. I laughed my ass off with this, the funny nerve of him!

View the video here...

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