If you can't be a nurse, be a nursing assistant

Nurses have become so in-demand these days as more and more people put priority over their health and with lesser people engaging in the Nursing course. That's why countries such as Philippines, India and China has been a great source of nurses to fill nursing job vacancies in countries such as in North America, Europe and Middle East.

Apart from Nursing per se, other professions related to the health or medical field are also gaining popularity, like nursing assistant. This role is a little notch under nursing but still pays good. Nurses aid or nursing aids are an example of nursing assistant. Once you are a certified nursing assistant, you will get a higher salary, although it may not necessarily be higher than a registered nurse's (I am one!). But still this is one great career that one should consider, especially if Nursing is not just for you.

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What's your Halloween costume?

Oh how I wish the Halloween costume party I had back then when I was in my third year in high school. It was the only Halloween costume party that I had been into, as the other costume party I attended were that of Christmas. It was so much fun. We had to walk around the campus, all of us, with all our costumes and almost all the students' attention glued on us all. So what did I dressed up then? I wore that vampire costume and I was lucky I did not spend a lot at it as most of what I wore were borrowed from a friend or two.

I really miss those days that I wish to come back to it and relive it. It was fun. Schooldays were...

But I have to come back to my present senses now. And now, the Halloween is getting nearer again. I wonder what Halloween costumes would click these times. Well, I know it is about creativity and originality, but seeing similar costumes would definitely mean that that costume is most likely what's in now, as it what had occurred to their minds.

And talking about costumes, it is wise that when choosing what you would wear, it must pass the Halloween costume safety standards, so to protect yourself and the people around you. The party should be fun and blasting, and not disastrous and literally “blasting”. I have not received any invitation to a Halloween costume party yet so I have not yet any idea what would I be
wearing if ever I received one invite. Hmm. I would like to dress sexy and kind of naughty. So my idea revolves around this sexy costume. Ha ha. How about that? Plain and simple yet hilarious and eye-catching, doesn't it?

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Gay boy goes gaga "Just Dance"-ing to Lady Gaga

just dance by lady gaga singles cover
I instantly loved Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” when Lady Gaga herself, together with two backup dancers, performed it live on Miss Universe 2008, so yesterday I tried to YouTube a good record of it for me download the video and convert it to mp3 by way of aTube Catcher, as it saves a lot of file size that way without compromising the audio quality.

So I keyed in the keywords, and to my dismay there weren’t a lot of results returned yet in YouTube yesterday. I think there was only around three to four results showed, which no official video of the song just yet (but it has a lot of results now!). So I had to do with the “unofficials”, and I found this one video very entertaining. I laughed my ass off with this, the funny nerve of him!

View the video here...

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to enchant us this November

harry potter and half-blood prince movie poster
I’ve never been so active in the blogosphere lately. But when I visit blogs I make sure I get a piece of cake that is worth eating, and browsing at Kuya Mon’s blog gave me a cake of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie.

I am a proud Potterhead, and although I was way behind some of my classmates and friends to have finally come to love the Harry series, I got way ahead of them when the books 5, 6 and 7 were released. I was always the first one to have the books that it is I whom they borrow the books from. It feels good, as it makes me a very important person.

So what’s up co-Potterheads? Here’s what we’ve all been dying for to see, to have a sneak peek at what’s going to happen in the Harry Potter 6 movie. So here’s the official trailer released last July 30, 2008. Below the video is a synopsis of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which was actually a book review I wrote for our school publication after a month of the book’s release.

See the movie trailer here.

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Keep them ablaze, your great walls of fire

gas fires, electric fires, fireplaces
Fire provides us warmth, especially on days of intense cold such as on winter. Without fire, cooking would have been way more difficult to do these days. It's all thanks to the ancient cavemen for discovering fire by rubbing stones together.

But fire goes more than just to provide warmth for temperature maintenance and heat to cook food. Fire, especially on fireplaces, also provide homes a “cool” means of decoration. It also lightens up the room with a romantic twist.

Nowadays, rooms can be installed with inset gas fires, wall-mounted gas fires, and outset gas fires in both traditional and contemporary designs. And if you think your fireplaces need a boost in terms of design plus practical usability, then you can choose to improve them by different style effects to suit your home's theme. Or if you fancy putting up electric fires, you can choose to set up from the traditional electric inset fires to the latest wall-mounted contemporary electric suites. It is just a matter of your taste, really, and how it will spice up your room's look and comfort.

At HotPrice, you can choose from a wide array of gas fires, electric fires and fireplaces. They offer hot deals, which prices are slashed off for big discounts. They are a UK retailer of room fires that offer only the best quality and service at the lowest cost. Our experience, product knowledge and enviable reputation deliver just that,” is their guarantee to you. They have even been featured on UK TV several times on home makeover programs such as 60 Minute Makeover and Better Homes.

HotPrice stocks all the leading brands in fireplace manufacturers, such as Baxi, Be Modern, Burley, Capital Collection, GK Fires, Continental Stone Supplies, Courts, Creative Fires, Crystal Fires, Dimplex, Euro Flames, Firecraft, Flamerite Fires, Flavel, Fuel Effect Fires, The Gallery Collection, Gavin Scott, Gazco, Goppa, Kal-fire, Kinder, Natural Stone, Robinson Willey, Stoneform, Suncrest, Valor, Verine, Vermont Castings, Winther Browne, and Wonderfire.

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The Ultimate Flirting Championship

Heck, I'd never known there existed such a contest about flirting. And what better way to experience a little bit more of flirting than to hop on in? Flirting these days is just viewed, well, normal. Mind you, it flirting helps relationship too.

Whatever flirting is to you, I am quite certain you do love to flirt. Do you get that Victory Hair whenever you do? But what's Victory Hair? It's the magic that happens between a good-looking girl and a handsome guy, both with sexy styled hair, which both get pretty messed up when they meet or when a spark is made. That's how Victory Hair is made!

When you flirt, what are the pick-up lines you use? What's the sloppiest line you've ever heard from someone?

“You captured my heart... So I have to capture yours, and we're cool.”

Will that suffice? Will that keep you from achieving Victory Hair?


So why not test your own flirting abilities by participating Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game and you can gauge how effective your flirting schemes are.

Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

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