Your college grades suck?

report card of college gradesI am lucky to have finished college with grades all aced. Although others may not regard it as luck but hard work and determination, I really would say it is the former. Fortunately, I graduated cum laude: I didn't expect it but I prayed for it. I had a grade which I thought would de-list me from being a cum laude. If I graduated merit-less, I still would have accepted it, as I was really lazy during my college days, especially on my last two years at Nursing.

I have realized that even without determination and hard work, you still can ace your grades. The basic, stocked knowledge in you and your innate skill at any academic work are your ultimate and primary aids, and perseverance is just second. I am thankful I was born with the passion and skill for writing, as it is what helped me a lot during college.

Let's face it, there is a lot of writing at school. When you do your quizzes, you write. When you sit your exam, you write. Even when you just copy lessons, you write. But more so when you do thesis and research papers. These involve a great amount of essay writing, so you really have to make a persuasive essay in order for your papers be approved with good remarks.

When you do essays, it is important to make the essay outline first, so you will be guided what topic you will discuss in each paragraph. Whatever type of essay it is that you write, whether definition essay, argumentative paper or analysis, it is but right to pack it with details of truth or your credible opinions. It is also important to choose properly the words to be utilized to amplify credibility and facilitate better understanding. You can win with words if you compose a paragraph with lines that are all coherent to the other lines in the essay you write.

Remember that your good grades at college are a great determinant your future success, so take your writing skills to the next level...

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