Who invented dice?

red and black rolling diceDice have been around for many years and can be considered the oldest gaming instrument known to mankind. Many games from the ancient times to this modern world would not have become possible if dice were not invented.

I really got curious as to who invented the dice. I got a notion that these game implements were contrived by the Egyptian, and I may be right. But as matter of fact, the precise origin of dice is still unknown. Sophocles claim it was invented by Palamedes, Herodutus said the Lydians of Asia Minor invented them, some say it was the Egyptians to invented dice, and some say God devised it.

Whoever invented dice must be a practical genius. We could not have enjoyed today's games as Snakes and Ladders or the casino games without this small but helpful device. We would have had difficulties trying to determine who's first to go or who has better scores without the dice. So when you hold a dice, think of and thank the one who invented it, whoever he is.

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