The Police in Him

police officer runningMy brother graduated in the Criminology course two years ago and I really hate it that he has not landed on a job today that is pretty much related to his college degree. He now works in a local supermarket which in my guess pays him a small salary. Oh how I wish that he had worked for a company or agency that pays him much more if it is not going to be related to his course. At least the salary matters.

But really I want him to be engaged in something that's related to his college course. Even my father has been telling him to apply into becoming a police, as he had already passed the qualifying exam. I don't know but until now he has moved his feet yet on the matter. I don't know what would make him do so. Perhaps giving me suits for a police like tactical pant will do. I hope so.

I want the best for my brother. I want him to the police he wanted to become. Or has he changed his mind?

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