I've been hit by the so-called goldrush goldrock

gold rock nugget
Darn, I want to get rich and have all the fun I wanted in life. Perhaps I am just too exhausted from my 3-month hospital training, without the pay. I am loving the training, but I would love it more with the salary. At least I will be compensated. But, sadly, I (we) don't receive any form of compensation. And yet, fortunately, the training is coming to an end, and it will happen on Friday. Hurray!

Because of this training, I have been behind in a lot of things. My blog, for example, has not had many posts as what it had prior to my training. Another, I only got few hours for myself to have fun, to enjoy the games I like playing, and to try out new things for experience sake, like playing online casino. Gee, it will make me rich. And I really need the jackpot! Ha ha. Oh yes I have been whipped by goldrush Goldrock. Can I earn gold with playing casino online? Not literally, perhaps, but the prizes sure are big. And when I say big, it's this BIGGG. You wait till my training ends and I can have all the time in the world for me to play the games I want. And who knows, it just might make me rich...

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