... I'm about to break

breaking wine glassTomorrow will be my last day of duty in the pediatric ward in the hospital, and I am so much thankful that up to now I still have the drive to do my remaining duty days with zest. Two weeks from now will be the culmination of our three-month hospital training. And I really think I need the break....

Going to duty, especially on the morning shifts, is really tiresome that I hate to wake up early in the morning. But every time I get to the area and had finished the shift, I feel happy that I have once again imparted my care to those needing it, the patients.

Human as I am though, I still need the care for myself. Because I have been too soaked in my training, I need to unwind, and what better way to do this than to play my favorite games, do my well loved activities, or try the games that I wanted which I never had tried before. Take for example playing online casino.

I know I cannot go to a local place that holds casino, as I fear I might be out of place. So I think playing it online will do. There are various casino sites online and you really have just to choose what suits you. Some of these accept USA players from every American state without restrictions, featuring big bonuses, free casino games, no deposit casinos, language casinos, and much more, with very comprehensive and user-friendly casino guide (just what I need as I may have hard time understanding the game). I hope I will be lucky enough to win big bucks with these. Now let me try it, or do you want to play it with me?

Yeah I really need to have a break, or I will breakdown...

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