I want a new home... I want to elocate!

home autumn maple leavesI have lived in our home since I was born, and that is to say 22 years. It is just a small home, and has now shown marks of weathering what with its age. Our humble abode is under my grandfather's house, so you just imagine how small and cramped it is.

The one thing that really drives me today to work hard in my own endeavor is for me to get a new house for my parents, especially now that they're aging. I know they couldn't afford it themselves what with our current financial situations and my father's employment.

Now that the street where we live has gradually become a busy one, I am now more driven to relocate my family to a new house, a simple one for the moment, now that I still don't have a job that pays me (I still am on my training in the hospital as a nurse). Some of our neighbors has also been forced to relocate now that the street is now becoming more for commercial purposes, and I hate it because it no longer provides us privacy in our own home and lot. A considerable number of people know me in this city and it really sucks that when I come out of our house in my home attire I get kind of ashamed.

I think I will have to consider house plans to get us a new, more comfortable home. My father has also been talking about that. When the time comes, yes, I will have to avail some of those plans. And because I have the desire to go and work abroad, especially in USA, I will get me some home plans there to have us finally settled. It's a dream, I know. But it's a lot better to dream and work for it than to just be passive, dreamless. I have in my head some concepts for a home but I think I come to like wooden houses, so that's when log home plans would come in. Yet really, what I like for now may not be what it is when the time arrives. Let's just wait and see.

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