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different video game consolesComputer games have evolved so much, and I am so thankful I have been a witness to this fast evolution of video games. Back in the days, we used to play family home computer (as it is commonly called that time), these are the machines that require you to push on a slide panel at the side to eject a cartridge. But that was years ago, and video gaming machines of these days have become powerfully ergonomic, and we call them these days the “consoles”.

What do you love to play then and now?

The Sims, Pokemon, Backgammon, and mostly word games such as Scrabble, Text Twist, Bookworm, Boggle are my favorite games. Among all these, what I am drawn more to is the Pokemon, that although I have played the games already, I still play the same games over again, even up to now, on my phone, nonetheless. I admit I was also addicted to Ragnarok some years ago but I have shook off the habit of it. When I play games, especially the role-playing ones, I really would consult online communities or guide for me to play the game successfully. There are various sites that becomes the meltdown of all gamers, like in the GameHuddle Campaign. Here is another site for the gamer in you to help you get connected with other players in the world. You can create your own profile, showcase your game collections, communicate with other gamers, blog about games and make reviews of the latest game releases, and everything that is game-related.

I just have joined a forum online and it really helps, so just like any forums, this, GameHuddle, too will help.

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