Every day is a new hairstyle day

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I can still remember one class I had during my college days. My Psychiatric Nursing lecturer once commented about my having a new hairstyle again, as I had another one the previous day, and I just said, “Every day is a new hairstyle day.”

I don't know if it were because of the need to be recognized or the plain interest to be a different me every day, at least in the way I look, that I had to style my hair differently each day. I would style it so that it all stood up, sometimes it looked spiked, sometimes fly away to the side, with bangs at times, or just plainly styled down the contour of my head. It was crazy, that sometimes I really would go crazy in choosing what style should I have for the day.

To style my hair I used styling gels, and I know that one day it would really take a toll on my hair. So that's why I need to choose carefully the products I use to my hair as gels, creams and shampoos. It is a need to rinse my gelled hair whenever necessary with a shampoo that contains natural botanical essences such as that of the ingredients of Bumble and Bumble Alojoba Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Alojoba Conditioner because of my personal preference of favoring the “naturals”, as I believe it would do my hair a lot better than those synthetics, although I must admit that the natural ingredients in a shampoo may just be a claim. I also root for shampoos with sweet scents, as it would make me feel more confident.

I have tried a lot of shampoos, especially the ones that my sister and mother use, but my scalp is just different from theirs. I easily get dandruff with their shampoo, so I need to have my own brand. And this, again, comes the shampoo with botanical ingredients as they do just well on my hair without causing itches, dandruff and excessive hairfall. And mybumbleandbumble.com has this.

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