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man thinking negative thoughtsIn a day, there can be a thousand thoughts and ideas whirling around our head, some worth cherishing, some forgettable. Oh these are just but natural. But if ever you would want to keep a copy of that precious thought—whether it tells of your today’s joy, anger, frustration, desperation, reasons for blushing, whatever have you—you can always put it into words and put on your personal blog. Blogs these days have become so popular that almost everyone who knows how to surf the web has at least one blog.

With blogs, you can empower your thoughts as they are put into words. Pen is mightier than sword, it is even said. With your blog, you can tell the world your everyday thoughts and share whatever you feel as you wrote it to your readers. That’s one of the magic it has. You can upload photos, videos, podcasts and other media to amplify interest, or even chat in community forums in just like what Thoughts.com provides (with free unlimited bandwidth). And while you can keep your blog public to just about anyone, you can also keep all your writing to yourself only, or to your close friends, if ever shame of sharing it just dawned on you.

When you have a blog and the years have passed, you can always look back it and read your entries and reminisce what had been of your past, very much like a diary. Have a blog now, and give power to your significant thoughts.

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