Whiling the weekend

I always look forward for the weekends, as it is the time where I get to rest and have a break from a five-day, exhausting hospital training as a nurse, without the compensation. Although I do enjoy my training, I still enjoy more having all the time to relax and do just what I want.

On weekends, I take my time to sleep long enough, and that means waking up very late in the morning, so late I'd have brunch for meal. If without any appointments and meetings, I just while away my time watching all afternoon, till night if with good shows. As I am more of a nocturnal online crawler, I blog at nighttime.

My weekend life seem to be also a routine just like my weekdays, although I'd like to try other things to occupy me too. Perhaps, if I we're richer and braver to bet, I would have gone to casinos and play my time praying for some big wins. But since I am still not earning from a regular job, I am left with doing all those things I just mentioned. Add spending five to six hours listening to my favorite songs in my phone too...

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Ubermensch said...

that's kinda boring!

i can't live in solitude!

katkat sa bukid oi arun malingaw ka...hihihihi

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