What do you love to collect?

computer fonts
Collecting stuffs has become an occupation of some hobbyists. It gives them joy knowing that they have rounded up a bunch of things.

I myself have my own personal collections. And this includes the mails from here and abroad and the stamps that they have, stickers, stationeries, and cross-stitch patterns and threads. But that was long ago, although I still have the collection. I don't continue on this endeavor anymore.

What I love to collect these days, and it started back when I was in high school, are computer fonts. I love to switch from font to font, especially when I work in Microsoft Word, to see which one fits the designs and the over-all write-up. And I am really amazed at how some fonts can look very appealing, so amazed I had thought of trying my hands in making my own fonts and convert it to a computer font type (TrueType). I just have to download a software for that.

By the way, if you, too, fancy collecting computer fonts, you can try to download 31,000+ fonts at HackingBallZ “fuentes” (that's Spanish for "fonts").

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