Plies, not pliers

pliesI was listening to my favorite radio station one day and I really had a good laugh when the DJ joked about how some Fiipinos say the word “pliers” as “plies” after a song of Plies was played. It was the song Hypnotized, a song which Plies did with Akon, and I must say the collaboration is one of a kind. I love the song so much I play it several times in my playlist.

It appears like mostly these days I am hooked to listening RnB and pop and rap songs. I used to hate rap, but with the revolution these new rap artists such as Plies have made in the music industry, I now love it. Thanks to them.

By the way, you can read Plies Biography if you want to know about him, his songs, and how he surfaced into the music world.

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