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I don't have a car, and neither do I know how to drive. But sure I want to have one. To learn to drive won't be difficult, I know. But for now, I will just have to dream, as I don't have all the money in life to buy just everything that I want. And there are a lot of them...

Someday soon, I know I will have my own luxury car or two. But as for the moment that I don't have one, I will just have to do avail car rental services so to take me to all the places I want to go. And I need my own driver too, as what I have said, I don't know how to drive.

Imagine renting a car for just $20.99 a day with that super cool look above. I was totally amazed. That is really a cheap offer, a real big “advantage”. But that's not all, there are also the specials and discounts, and these make it sweeter, all the more. Some discounts may be up to 50% on luxury and convertible cars? Did I just say convertible? I wish I had ridden on one.

But for now, all I have to do is dream that one day I will have my own expensive car and settle for now on some really affordable car rental.

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