My "The Singing Bee" Frustrations

the singing bee philippines
First, I want to congratulate ABS-CBN for availing a franchise of “The Singing Bee” that its pilot episode became a hit. It is really one great show for the singers, the music lovers, and the wanna-be singers, especially those who are out of tune.

Almost everybody loves music, that's why this show is cool to watch. And as evidenced by videoke machines left and right in the Philippine archipelago, Filipinos loves music very much. As the show goes on, the viewers sing with the contestants in an attempt to prove that they are more knowledgeable of the song lyrics than the studio contestants. And I am one of those eager viewers who just want to shout to the stupid contestants for not knowing the correct lyrics.

singing bee philippines with host cesar montanoMy passion for music is so massive, that's why you could just see my gloating face whenever I got the right lyrics when most of the contestants did not. It is so massive that I wanted to become a studio player. But I am still hesitating to join or not, still undecided to text the following codes:

Send to 2366 for Globe, TM and SUN Cellular subscribers
231 for Smart, Talk N’ Text and Addict Mobile subscribers

Why? Because I don't know if ABS-CBN will shoulder the expenses for the travel should I be chosen to be a studio contestant. I heard some tellings-off that studio contestants, especially from afar, will have to pay for their travel expenses. Now that rumor sucks. Grr... And that's one of my frustrations.

The second is about the host. It has nothing to do with our names (his, Cesar; mine, Caesar) that I don't like him, Cesar Montano, but it's just that I think he needs more effort to be quite entertaining. He seems a bore. I guess it would have been better if ABS-CBN put a singer/comedian/comedienne to host the show so it will be more alive and entertaining to the roof. Why did they entrust the show to the ever boring Cesar Montano? Is it just about having respect to him by giving a show? Well, if so, then just replace him whenever the contract expires. The Singing Bee will be better till then...

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