My golly! I have a perfect eyesight!

snellen chartzang with Rayban Sunglasses shadesWe were assigned in the Outpatient Department (OPD) in the hospital last week and on Wednesday that week my favorite co-trainee, Ate Maria, and I spent our time in the Ophthalmology Clinic. As it is for the eyes, Snellen charts would not be absent.

I asked Ate to check her eyesight by reading the chart, and it was unfortunate that in a testing distance she can only read up to the fifth line, while she was really amazed of my eyesight when I was able to read up to the last line, and more so when I shared her my stories of having a good eyesight, that of easily spotting who's who even in the distance, reading some words in a stores lantern of signboards from afar, and a lot more stories about my vision.

Vision is really an important sense. To me it's second to the sense of touch (I am an emotional person!). Everyone should take good care of their eyes as without it, life would be so damn dark. I couldn't imagine living a life having poor or no vision at all. It's dull. Lifeless. To take care of my eyesight, I give it a good rest, shield it from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing eye shields (such as Rayban Sunglasses), and eat yellow and orange fruits and vegetables for Vitamin A. All these will suffice to have a good eyesight and I am just glad I have a perfect, even extraordinary, eyesight.

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Ubermensch said...

you look awesome here!
take off that shades!

dugaya na nako wala kalaag dri oi..hehehhehe cenxa nah... :D

i miss your posts! so here i come trying not to leave stones unturned!

Anah said...

Zang, lucky you! I'm wearing contacts right now- di na ako 20/20 vision and it sucks. kaya take good care of your eyes!

Oo nga ang gwapong bata! hehe.

Ingat lagi.

Ate Anah

joanjoyce said...

fabulosa ka tlaga nka oversize pa si iha :P

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