I will miss them ladies

ob gyne ward davao regional hospital
Another two weeks have gone, and we're bound to another area in the hospital again. Last week we were in the OB/Gyne ward and the next will be on Medicine ward. Surely, I will be missing the all-girl staff in the OB ward.

The nurses and the nursing attendants there are very friendly, that I really had a great time working with them. They are helpful too and very understanding, and very well tempered. They don't scold nor give us trainees the cold shoulders for making a mistake or two (not that I have made major mistakes) or for frequently asking about stuffs in the ward.

It is sad I have not taken any photo of us with the staff in the ward. It would have been better if we had one, for keepsake. Well, all I have taken in the OB ward is this picture (above) of the High Risk 1 room. I really will be missing the days I worked there in the ward. And while I thought before that I will not be enjoying my experience in this ward because of the “smell” of the mothers who have just given birth to their children, I really enjoyed my stay there. The smell is not always present. Ha ha...

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joanjoyce said...

hahaha tama lumayo layo ka na jan at baka hanap hanapin mo na ang tutut ng girls kesa tututututututut.. ay censored :P

Anah said...


ang bait mo naman. You have a big heart! Sarap siguro maging nurse, kahit pagod ka oke lang knowing na you made a difference. I'm sure it's not easy. Good job!

Ako ulit- reading updates from you.

Take care,

Ate Anah

Randoms said...

Mukhang masaya ang field mo. Haha. Share more of your expriences.

mckhoii said...

Hey friend! I tagged you. It's a very easy tag. Check out fagtag #13 @ www.mckhoii.com. Hope you'll retag soon! don't forget to link back! go blogs bloom!

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

I just have to say this... the pink beds are sooooo cute!

mckhoii said...

HOY BAYEEET.. tagback

Mo said...

All the best on your training. Pictures would be nice for your memories.

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