Huge Mishap turned into Huge Happiness

Filipino nurses case presentation

Whew! Finally the case presentation is done and through. And I didn't expect such big surprises to occur.

First of all, my apology for having not been so active in the blogosphere. That was mainly because of the case study presentation in relation to my training at Davao Regional Hospital. I was the one mainly responsible for finalizing and polishing the papers and the presentation itself.


Saturday –Two days before the paper should have been submitted, as was told by Davao Regional Hospital's Nurse Training Officer. I tucked into night facing my cousins laptop, finalizing and checking the parts of paper of the case study for it to be correct and consistent, as I have divided the parts into my every groupmate's assignment. I have to check, or else the paper/case study would look funny and shameful.

I worked at it from 7 PM of Saturday down to 5 AM of Sunday, and I was still halfway through the whole papers, as some of my groupmates hadn't submitted, by email, their assignments yet. And there had been some minor technical problems too.

I went to sleep when I ended off by 5, and woke up by 1 PM, to finally finish the papers. It was all done. All it needed was to be printed. And so I went to a cafe with a laser printing (I prefer laser) that's just affordable.

While I was in the cafe, I noticed the word document that I had cannot be opened there. I forgot; their computer uses Microsoft Word 2003 (.doc) and the one which I used (my cousin's laptop) uses MS Word 2007 (.docx). I had to download a file format converter for the document to be read. And when it was installed, I was shock to the soul that what I had in my USB was the file that I had saved by 5 AM, and the updates, the additional entries I put in the afternoon, weren't actually there.

I texted my cousin to send me the file on her laptop to my email, so to get the updated file. To my disbelief, it was as same as the one I just opened in the cafe. Then it occurred to me that I may have overwritten the file in my cousin's laptop's desktop, that I have forgotten that it was actually directly on my USB file where I did the update, and not the one on the saved file on the desktop. I didn't know it right then, I was oblivious of that. What I did after I had it all done was copy the file from the desktop to my USB, and when it said “is it ok to overwrite” I clicked yes, believing the one I copied was the updated one. Grr...

So then, we just submitted the case study compilation by Tuesday afternoon, when it supposedly should have been submitted by Monday. I needed to re-do what I have done in the afternoon of Sunday....


When the case presentation went on this afternoon, my groupmates and I were really nervous, for many reasons. One was that our case study is not really as complicated as the others. They had for their presentation Acute Coronary Syndrome and Nephrotic Syndrome, while we have Ruptured Tubal Pregnancy, a very simple case really, so simple that even when we were asked by some trainees what our case is, we would just laugh and just tell them to watch it themselves during the presentation.

Believing our case is really, really neglible, we made it a point that our presentation would somehow be amusing, so to divert their attention and at least forget what easy we have for a case.

And so the presentation went on. When it was our turn, it was a pity we didn't have our own laptop that we had to borrow from another group their laptop, and insert my USB flash drive there. The presentation was really funny and amusing, but when it was time for our case to be critiqued, the fun had suddenly shifted into nervousness.

But as it turned out, the panelists were unanimously impressed by our presentation. First, they congratulated us for a very creative presentation, and that we have presented only the vital parts of the study. Second, they even made it boasted to the audience that the presentation should be like ours, in which the audience will easily get and understand what really happened to the patient or the case, even without reading the manuscripts. Third, we were commended a very good formulation of our three Nursing Care Plans that they would rate it perfect. Another reason why the were impressed was that because we have SAVED the patient's lives, by mere way of nursing therapeutic communication, as if not for the counseling and teaching my groupmate did to her, her would life would have been worse by now, as she and her family signed a HAMA (home against medical advice) for lack of knowledge of her condition and the surgical procedure it warranted, and for most, for the lack of finances. The doctor I daresay had failed to inform the patient in a fine manner her condition and why she needed to undergo an operation.

Anyway, her life was saved as they changed their mind. They held back HAMA and agreed to proceed with the contemplated surgery...

All in all, from 1 to 10, the two doctors, one headnurse and the Nurse Training Officer rated us 9.99. And that's really almost perfect! Upon hearing that, all my exhaustion from the sleepless nights finalizing the manuscript, formulating the script and fabricating the powerpoint, even my one and only absent from my duty just so to prepare the props and some more thins (damn, I've no more perfect attendance), had instantly evaporated away.

Hurray! Thanks God it's through now, and more thank you for giving us that rating!

Filipino nurses

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