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Having your own domain under your favorite web host is way better than owning a blog or site that is free and is a subdomain. Your site will be more respectable and admired, as Internet readers tend to appreciate sites that have its own domain, rather than the free hosted, subdomain blogs. You can also make more money, whether by selling or buying, doing sponsored reviews, being an affiliate or posting sponsored links and advertisements. Plus, it is a fact that people will just envy you for having your own domain!

But finding the web hosting provider is not as easy as it appears. There are those web hosts that promise craps and craps, and false claims. There are those that are not worth your payments. Some host suck, with unreliable services and frequent downtime. That’s why it is a need for you to peruse reviews of different web hosts in credible sites such as web hosting bluebook to compare the popular web hosts. It is necessary to consult a guide with rave reviews, rating and ranking by consumers and experienced webmasters. In this way, you can see what web host suits you best whatever feature it is that weighs more on you—the price, features, reliability, popularity, control panel, overall ease of use and customer service/support.

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