Do you love your behinds?

buttocksIf there are two regions of our bodies that take more toll than any other parts, one would be our feet, which we use to stand and walk and run that if only it could yell it would have screamed at us for having the roles as those. The other one, aside from the feet, is of course our buttocks. Just like the feet, it takes whatever we have of weight when we sit that it too would scream at us for that role if we abuse it.

If the feet nowadays get pampering such as the foot spa, then the buttocks should be given attention, care and pampering too. There aren't a lot to grant those surprises for our behinds but the massage at spas and pelvic exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles will do just well.

But that's not all. Normally, we don't get to give those to our buttocks everyday. So how do you care for your buttocks in everyday setting (and sitting)? Well you need to sit on a seat is comfortable enough for your behind, something that won't put too much pressure on it when you sit. Sitting on bar stools, benches, sofas and chairs with cushions will relieve the buttocks from the unnecessary pressures, stress and strains when sitting. You need to choose a seat that won't compromise your behind's well-being, because our buttocks, just like the rest of our body, has it's special functions and it is just wise to take care of it and pamper it too.

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