All work no play makes Jack Zang a dumb boy

kids playing water cartoonNow I don’t even know nor can recall the very last time I played a game or two. Life has just been really busy with me. First I have now my nursing career, which takes up most of my time although from Mondays to Fridays it will only eat up 6 – 10 hours of my precious life. But since I almost always get home tired, it is the bed where I head to.

Two or three years ago, I was hooked to playing a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, and I must admit I was addicted to it. I easily get addicted to playing some games if I find it very entertaining and enjoyable, to the point that I would spend whatever I have just so not to miss the game.

I guess it is only in my phone now that I get to enjoy to playing some games, but playing is as rare as finding a gem stone along the road. If not busy with my nursing career, I get busy with my blog. If not, I am busy with sleeping. Zzz. LOL.

But there are of course games and sports that I would like to try. I’d love to try and do tennis, fencing, beach volleyball, and extreme sports such as paragliding, skiing, rafting, air gliding, and there are a lot more really! My life has become so sedentary and overly soaked on work and work. Aside from all that I also would love to try and learn card games such as baccarat and poker and also casinos. I guess I am a gambler in the making. Well I just want to try my luck (as most of the time I am lucky in games that require skills and a little it of luck) and earn big bucks! I know there are not a lot of casino areas in our locality so I guess I just have to try out the online casinos. I guess it makes little difference with the real thing, the difference being the tangible playing materials.

Well when I have the big break from work, I surely will try one or more of the games and sports I mention above. I fear I will become dumb from being all in work and no play at all.

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