What's bugging your dog?

dog scratching earsThe only pet that I would ever want to have is a puppy, and yes, not necessarily turning it into a dog. Oh I hate the size of them, though not with an adult chihuahua for certain. Puppies are milder and also easier to handle and care for. Plus they are cute, too! You can't always have that when they turn adults.

Like I said, an adult dog really requires more care. And with a larger body surface area, the tendencies to get infested with parasitic insects are high—fleas, bugs, mites, among others.

If you worry about bed bugs and dogs infested with it, then you should clear out the area where your dogs sleep, as they are where the bugs lodge. Regular checking and cleaning of your dogs, as well the place where they usually stay and the toys they play, should be done. Remember, these bed bugs can not only harm your dogs, it will go after any warm-blooded animals, and that include you, your cats, and other household pets are warm-blooded. The worse fact about bug infestation is that they generally prefer to feed off of humans, who normally don't have fur, making it easier for the bugs to bite.

Basically, your pets' hygiene complemented with cleanliness in the environment will solve
these tiny creatures that are “bugging”your pets, although there are insect control products in a form of shampoo to combat these bugs chemically.

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