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my new nursing uniformAfter having known that I am one of those 100 trainees qualified for the hospital training, it occurred to me immediately that since the duty days are from Monday to Friday, I should be get me a new pair of nursing uniform. I had two when I was still a student nurse, and had another one, our gala uniform, when he had our Pinning Ceremony (professional pin). So all in all I had three, but then I rather was disgusted of the thought of wearing my two old uniforms, as I will look like a student with it, as the design is almost always what male student nurses wear now--that white uppers with buttons on the side. Ew, I really hate that design.

And as I am a sucker for polo shirts or polos, I then designed my own uniform in a scratch paper (my erroneous exhibit forms) and had it immediately forwarded to a seamstress to have it done. It has many buttons: one on each side on the collars, two on each ends of the sleeves, two on the lower lateral edges on the front of the shirt, and another two on the lower lateral edges on the front of the pants (see image).

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wow! galing naman. pwede pagawa rin ng ganyang design? lol.

Zang Caesar said...

sure,why not.. may fee lang kung pagawa design. hehe

mckhoii said...

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