SocialSpark is flaming!

Now there is yet another social community for the socialites to share the spark with, but it is not like any other communities for many reasons. One, it is new. Second, it is flaming. Third, it can let you earn lots of bucks. And just that. Honest!

I am new to SocialSpark and I must admit I still find it hard to navigate through the site. The lay-out is good I must say; it graces vision and entertains visitors with it multicolor facet. The SocialSpark logo for one is an eyecandy, at least for me, (I have a knack on noticing logos!) although the “spark” has already turned to flame. I guess what I am trying to say is that it should have been SocialFlame instead of SocialSpark. I guess that makes sense. That's why I said it is “flaming”.

Other than that, there is a good reason to be a member and visit SocialSpark. It is yet again another avenue to meet new friends. Since my sign-up I have had around 5 friend requests and up to now I don't know what to click to see my friend's list. It kind of sucks. While I may have only around five friends, it is amazing to see a member who has 1369 friends and counting. Wow! And BenSpark is here too! I like this blogger of a man so much, and I so love his photos! He's a pro with cams, and he's my favorite blogger-photographer really. Well, my profile is here in case you want to take a peek. He he.

What's best with SocialSpark is that you can make money. And it's for the sole reason why I joined. You can view sponsored post opportunities and see if you qualify. If you do, then go grab it and earn. What I don't like though is that it takes sometime for the images to fully download when you shift from one sponsored post op to another and it sucks that you cannot actually right click each op to see what's in it. It could have been any better if the interface for the sponsored post ops were on a list view. Well anyway, making money is making money that you actually have to deal with the pros and cons.

If you aren't in SocialSpark yet, then it's time you registered. It may not be very good for me now but in the coming days, I know SocialSpark will be so much better.

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chase / chubz said...

hmmm.. this looks like fun. lemme check it out.

mckhoii said...

Hi there! I tagged you on my post FAG TAG #10. pls tag back and don't forget to linkback for a ping. Go go Techie points! ^_^

rskirk55 said...

I thought I was the only one having trouble navigating SocialSpark. They must fix this before it will really become a serious social networking site.
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Elmer Caballero said...


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pcsolotto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

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