A Sad Happy Birthday to me!

happy birthday cardI'm officially saying goodbye to my nonage, and it is time I embraced 22. It is kind of sad to know that you get older everyday, but it is much more of a blessing to have been blessed with this life and the years that go with it.

Birthdays are something someone looks forward to, because it is his special day. And I too looked forward to my birthday, not because of the foods that comes with it or the party that will be set up, nor the gifts I will be receiving but the mere fact that I have attained that age. And why don't I look forward to the foods, the party or the gifts? It's because I was accustomed to having sad, uncelebrated birthdays.

Perhaps the only birthdays where my parents bothered to celebrate was when I was one, and that's as evident as the pictures in my photo album. Since I had gained consciousness, I can never recall any birthday celebrated since that. How sad. That's why you could just melt in envy when you see those classmates of yours in your elementary and high school days celebrating their birthdays, if you were in my shoes.

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