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“Home is where the heart is” and “home, sweet, home”are two of the fond quotes we dearly know that pertains to “home”, and surely for a clever person like you, mentally and emotionally, you already know how a home differs from that of a house.

Home is where we have fun and share love with our family, exchange wisecracks and whatnots, grow, develop, learn and mature as individuals, and most of all, it is where we find a quiet place to rest our weary body and soul should it warrant.

But what if the home does actually provide less of what are mentioned above? We all know everyone does not enjoy the luxury of living, and no two houses are the same: there are the rich, and the less privileged. Surely, the latter will need a home transformation like those we see on TV. I think I am right in saying everybody would love that. Yes, even I want to have our home transformed. I just want it to look better and be more conducive for us, the residents.

Just like I, the house in the picture really needs a transformation, and this is exactly what I voted for to win the home makeover by Renuzit Tri Scents Transform Your Home with Tanya Memme contest. The ones who resides in that home have been forced out of of their previous home and does not have a lot to get to a new home with their two small children. It is an old, run-down house, very dirty, musty smelling, in rough shape inside out, with the outside falling apart. It has two bedrooms that are too small for the children to share and apparently has left the parents to sleep in the living room, on the couch no less.

If you want this entry to win the home transformation, you will only need to vote for it. You can actually continuously vote for it, only one vote per day until the contest ends on June 7. If you want to see the other entries, you can view them in the semi-finalist gallery and you can pick from which one deserves your vote.

Come on, it's just your vote and you can help a family have their dream home makeover amounting to $20,000. Cast your vote now!

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pcsolotto said...

If im in the situation of the owner of this blog. I dont know how to post this kind of topic. he has a nice idea.

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