No More Nocturnal Blogging Biz for Now

owlTomorrow, May 5, commences my hospital training at Davao Regional Hospital, and I must admit I am kind of unprepared. I fear I have lost what little knowledge left of me since my college days, or the skills that I had then. It is more like back to zero.

The training will be for three months, and I really thought it’s all about hospital duty, duty and duty. But no, there are still those case presentations and some requirements. What can I do? I entered this endeavor so I must face all what’s there that’s going to try to knock me off. I guess it is also time I jumpstart my career as a registered nurse, to be responsible, to stand at my own feet (without the clinical instructors anymore!).

What’s nice about the training though is that we won’t be assigned in any graveyard shift, which is really my concern when I thought of going into a call center, and the weekends are all for us to enjoy. Yahoo! (Google! MSN! what else?) Ha ha ha. But this training I know will largely affect my blogging endeavor though: if I am on a morning duty for the next day then I have to sleep early, meaning no blogging business at all. I really have to sleep early as I am kind of a lazybone and it takes sometimes to get me out of the bed. And if I will be assigned on the 3-11 shift, then most probably I am too drained from my duty to blog into the remaining hours of the night. Arggh.. This is just crazy. How can I earn money from my blog with this? I can no longer check PayPerPost every time. Good thing the other blog-to-paid sites are not like PPP. Hmm, but the sponsored posting opportunities these days are rather few. Pity.

There may be no more nocturnal blogging business for me now but I will try my very best to post on this blog some important writings, still on a regular basis if possible, though not in the dead of the night, which is really my blogging time. It’s now time to let the owl in me bid goodbye and just invite him again once the time or the circumstances warrant.

God bless me with my training…

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