Little Miss Poser: My Cameraphilic Cousin

cute baby girlKids these days have become super talented, and they tend to learn fast too. In the blogosphere, accounts of those who can be called “super kids” have been told, like these two sheer examples: Monaco’s niece became a substitute to do his blogging routine while sick with flu, and JoanJoyce’s daughter has now a blog of her own.

Clarisse Ann, a cousin of mine, is barely two years old and yet she knows perfectly how to show her charm when fronted with a camera, and in the case of no cameras at all, we’ll she would actually act her fond indication that she wants to be taken a picture or two, the indication being the tilting down of her head to the left and click-click her fingers in an eye (either left or right), as though it were the camera’s flash. Wise, girl! And who am I not to grant this little girl’s wish? She may become a model someday. That we don’t know, but we can only guess. It’s best to train her while young, and who knows, one day she’ll owe it all to me for being her eager trainer.

Here are some more of her model-ish poses. Yes she knows when to smile and when just to stay composed and look fabulous in the cam. Just click on the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy! (Wordpress says, maximum limit reached so I can’t upload any more pics of her in this post, so sad… First three photos (including above taken with Nokia N93i; last picture taken with Panasonic Lumix DMZ-L3.)

Click here for the pictures.

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