I'm all geared up

I am geared up for the battle that lies ahead...

I am ready to face the challenges that come my way...

I am up to be the nurse the community wanted me to become...

Before I entered college, my first choice of course to take up then was Education. I so often wanted to be a teacher. But when I knew that a nurse can also become a teacher by being a clinical instructor, I opted to take up Nursing, so to be in a field that was kind of different from what I was used to.

And yet now that I am nurse, there are still things that I would like to take up. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to earn as many degrees as I can and append not only R.N. after my surname but some more designations too. As a nurse now, I would also like to try its different fields, like being a community nurse, a nurse-entrepreneur, flight nurse, or even a military nurse (I would like to see how I would look like wearing the tactical gear!). But then again, I will just have to let the time (and God above) take me to where I am suited to be. After all, I am all geared up for anything that might happen...

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