I love making new friends!

friendship cartoonHaving a lot of friends is really a wonderful experience. Imagine you have a thousand friends that almost anywhere you go into, there is someone or two who will wave at you, beam at you, and greet you. That's more like being a celebrity. And we love being like celebrities!

As I will start my hospital training on Monday, I hope I will be gaining more new friends, my co-nurse trainees, while still being connected to my old, true friends. Thanks to the new technology! Communicating has become so damn easy. There's the cellphone, and also the Internet. You cannot only make friends in person but through social communities also like 3gb, where you can talk with your new and old friends and share your ideas and gossips, and even photos.

I have already made some new friends with some of my co-trainees, and I wish to gain some more. I know this is going to be a tough experience being a trainee but with friends around, it'll be a lot better. That's for the real-life aspect, and as for the online aspect, I would love to hang out in http://www.3gb.biz. Well you can try it yourself, too.

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