Has Google gone bonkers?

weird braWhat does this woman in the picture (or at least her helping-hand bra) and Google (or its robots) have in common? Well they’re both weird, and, perhaps, a little crazy too. Now forget about that woman of 50-something or what, or the man by her side who thinks he’s a stud by being beside her. Let’s talk about Google and its latest PageRank update.

I knew it won’t be too long for the update to arrive, and here it is after another three months of anticipating. During the previous PR update, I was really hoping that this blog, My Consoling Asylum, would be gaining PR from zero to hero. Turned out it was from zero to mud hero. I blamed it to my paid reviews. Not that I regret earning from doing them *winks*. And because currently I am more focused in my new blog, Zang Caesar, I didn’t expect my old blogs would be getting a PR perk-up.

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