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The last time I visited a museum was around 5 years ago, and don't remind me how long that time has gone. Another sad fact about that visit too is that the museum is just a small one, just a small area of a house that showcases some of that national hero's achievements and valued photographs during his days. I am talking about Jose Rizal.

Luckily, there are some museums that boasts of some of the world's historic heritage and wonders. One of my personal favorite of the museums that would be lovely to go to is Louvre in France. I think that is because of what I have read in the Da Vinci Code. I would love to see for myself all those masterpieces mentioned in the book.

But the Stark Museum of Art in Texas, USA would be another lovely stop, as it proudly features America's most significant collections of American Western art. You can explore the art of the American West as it houses paintings, sculpture, and prints from both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, art collections that depict the beautiful land, its spectacular inhabitants, and the diverse wildlife of the American regions. Aside from the Western Art, the museum also boosts of the American Indian Art, Decorative Arts, and Rare Books and Manuscripts.

The two-story building of the Stark Museum of Art is nestled in Orange, Texas. It began as a vision of enthusiastic collectors of art, furniture and other decorative stuffs, the collectors being H.J. Lutcher Stark and his mother, Miriam Lutcher Stark.

The museum is also connected to the Stark Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of life in Southeast Texas through promotion of and assistance in education, arts, and health and human services.

When visiting this museum, you don't have to worry for charges as admission is free.

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