Gay Wow, wow, wow!

nursing lecturer of st. louis reviw centerDammit! What have Mckhoii done to deserve what he had landed on now?

My eyes were still groggy upon waking up one forgettable morning, so forgettable I didn’t know what day that was or what the weather was like. All I could remember then was I woke up because of the consequent singing of my phone (my message alert tone sings!) upon receiving morning greeting text messages. One message was from Mckhoii:

Yot unsa gani difference sa ginasecrete na hormones sa adrenal cortex ug adrenal medulla? Dali kay magdemo kog lecture karong hapon. (What’s the difference between the hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla? Be quick, I will be having my demo lecture this afternoon.)

Oh I cannot exactly remember his words…

I thought then that that demo was for his application as a clinical instructor in one of the nursing schools there in Baguio City. Becoming more oblivious of the previous lessons in Medical-Surgical Nursing in school and in the review center, I hesitated to give him the answer lest I might be wrong, and instead replied with “Don’t ask me; my brain’s already rusted. LOL” in Cebuano.

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