Friday, payday

finance, money, cash, payday loansFor many professionals and working individuals, Friday may always be the most awaited day as it is the end of the week, plus it is payday! But in my case, I can only rejoice on the former aspect; that it is the end of the week, and the end to a seemingly discouraging pursuit.

The thought of going on hospital training with us as the ones who pay rather than being paid is somewhat funny. But honestly I am not discouraged; I am even enjoying my training, although it is sad that I get no compensation for that.

This training requires everyone to spend for himself, of course. And there are really those times that I wish to quit because of the seemingly lack of finances. If I just took other jobs then I would have been earning by now. My blog’s earning is not a lot, that’s why sometimes too I think of considering pay day loans. But how? I don’t even have a job to pay for that. Ha ha. Well anyway for those of you who do have a job and is on tight finances, you can consider that loan too. Thought I needed to share you that…

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