For the newbies: how to start a blog that makes money

make money online, cash from computer and bloggingDo you like to write? Are you fond of putting into words everything that crosses your mind? Do you want to tell the world these stories and actually make money with your writings?

I cannot blame, nor underestimate, your disbelief the moment you read this post that by writing you can truly make bucks, as I was once like you. All I knew of a blog then is that it is where you put your entries, whether daily, weekly, and whatever suits your leisure time… and just that. But as I put it, your blog can REALLY drive you money. How?

First thing first
What is a blog? Blog is the short term for weblog, which is originally where a website puts in its important logs, just like a diary. Over time, internet users have adopted this trend, thus the bloom of the million blogs on the Internet.

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