Emergency! Emergency! Paging Dr. Beat

ambulance cartoonOne week down, eleven to go, and I know this post’s title is familiar to you. If not, then do a search of “Emergency 911” by Prezioso. This week has really been exhausting, but very rewarding. I just finished my first week of hospital training in Davao Regional Hospital, in the Emergency Room for this week and the next.

Being in the emergency room can really tire you the bones, but with a very good cause. It is so much better to have been tired from a duty of attending and helping a number of people than have been tired for doing almost nothing.

I am liking so much my exposure in the ER. So far I have learned how to insert IV, even without the IV therapy training yet. And tell you what: working on your own, with no longer the supervision, let alone existence, of your clinical instructor (C.I.) has lesser pressures on you, which can help you work out best on your own alone. My conjecture is that my hospital exposures back when I was still a student was way more exhausting than now because of the fact that you have to think what to do next as you worry your C.I. will give you a low grade if you actually don’t do anything, or do something but incorrectly. Whereas now, if you work on my own like I do, you don’t have to worry about grades. You will worry more if you actually hadn’t learn for your benefit.

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