The drink that lives up to its name

sting energy drink
Sting Energy Drink – if you happen to see this drink, be aware! Why? Because it really stings. Honestly.

I was in the hospital that day, doing my 3 to 11 duty as a nurse trainee. It was time for supper, and so with my co-trainees we went to our favorite eatery. The moment I saw Sting Energy Drink, I was amazed, as it looked like a juice drink (and I really am a sucker of juice drinks rather than colas) and because it said it's an energy drink, then I might be needing it as I was kind of tired that time, as I didn't get to have a fine lunch before going to the hospital.

Sting taste good, and only that. The trouble is, it lives up to its name: it stings! I thought of leaving the drink unconsumed but it would be a waste of money. As there were chips of ice given to us by the eatery vendors, I tried putting a large one on my glass with Sting and when it became very cold, the sting has gone. It taste perfect! All you need is to just make it very cold to get that sting feeling out.

Sting is a great drink! It has lots of vitamins (mostly B vitamins) to give you more energy to do the things you usually do everyday. You have got to try this! But like other energy drinks, it is, I think, phenylketonuric, too!

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