Them Doctors’ (and nurses’) “Black” Days: Cebu’s Black Suede Canister in Rectum Scandal

Cebu’s Black Suede Body spray Canister in Rectum ScandalNow how would Teri Hatcher react if she watched the sick Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center video scandal, a.k.a “Cebu Black Suede Scandal”?

We can’t blame her; some Filipino health team workers don’t live up to the oaths they took as sworn to their profession, especially some doctors and staff of the above-mentioned hospital.

The Victim’s Ordeal

The story started out with Jon (not his real name), 39, getting drunk one night, bringing a callboy to his pad after the latter offered him sex for a cheap one hundred peso fee, and eventually had sexual intercourse with the man. After a round of a male to male action, the callboy requested for a second round after being criticized by Jon for the size of his sex organ. Jon refused, yet the man persisted, this time using a body spray canister, and Jon fell asleep.

The morning he woke up, Jon felt painful inside him, which was even more painful when he tried to urinate.

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