My Vincent Bueno is on Asian Journal!

vincent buenoBy saying “my Vincent Bueno,” I don’t intend to claim him as mine. Just read on, so you’ll know…

Spending my time yesterday online got me kind of bored. Although there were many ideas (and even lists) that I have to do to post here in my blog, I was too lazy to start composing any of them, and while waiting for someone to chat with on Yahoo! Messenger, I whiled away my remaining time by searching for my name in Google Search.

There they were; names after names rolled in the results, some pertaining to the real “me” and some only had the same first name and surname as to mine, though not really as one name. Most of the results returned, and they were mostly on top of the search engine results page (SERP), were from my other blog, My Consoling Asylum, and from the pages of the December 2007 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination results posted by various Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) mirror sites.

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