A Man's Glory

Women regard various things as their ultimate glory: their signature bags, designer clothes, expensive sandals, and even plainly their hair-do's as their crowning glory. And yet a man by a woman's side can be her glory, too.

But what about men? What are their ultimate glory?

Blatantly put, what most men regard as their ultimate glory is their tool. Yes, that dangling, copulation organ of theirs. With the influence of modern media more and more men are becoming overly conscious over their schlong's size to the point that they would try every penis enlargement method the new technologies have to offer.

Men can undergo surgery to enhance penile size, but they too can take penis enlargement pills to do the trick. And just how they think their penis is important in their life as an asset, it is equally important to be aware of the disadvantages and risks that fake or unverified penile enhancement methods can cause them.

If you are a man and is ashamed of your size, you might want to visit a penis enlargement review site to get full details on how to supersize your organ so as to fully enjoy and satisfy your sexual life.

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joanjoyce said...

does size really matters? i believe its how well you know how to use it? :D

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Zang..

Napadaan ulit ako....musta? Still busy with the other blog?

Ate J

Anonymous said...

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mc_khoii said...

Zang... A man's glory is his dick. LOL

Zang, i miss this bloggie!



chase / chubz said...

im very much comfortable with my tool.
hehehehe.. yun ang binigay so accept it.hehe

Anonymous said...

hmm... enlargement thing?? thanks but no thanks.. im very much happy with mine :D haha..

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

I'm sorry but research has shown that most interventions that do not require surgery don't work at all. So, please don't waste your time and money on things that just won't do your money (or your tool) justice.

Zang Caesar said...

@ jj - i think it still matters, at least for me.

@ ate j - yes, the past few weeks i was busy with my new blog, but now I am busy with my life!

@ adam - you're a spam, but thanks for leaving the comment. haha

@ mckhoii - that's what i said in the post, isn't it?

@ chase - that's good. i think malaki na sa iyo. haha.

@ danieljr - well, if your tool is already "exciting" then there's really no need for enhancements. haha

@ marcus - thanks for that info, i didn't know that until now

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