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military award and recognitionI never wanted to be in the military force. Never ever. In my high school days, I signed up to train for the summer to have a good position in the Citizen Army Training (CAT) but I quit. I just was not for me. I can't stand the rigorous training -- waking up very early in the morning, do the jogs in twenty rounds and more, the push-ups, the heat, argh! It really was not for me.

But then when the school started again for my last year in high school, I joined the training for the Military Police. At least the training was way easier, plus we did so much of cutting trainings then while the superior's eyes were not at us. Ha ha. That was really funny. And yes, I really love the uniform. I love men in uniform! The camouflage, the belt, Bates boots, the fit and whatnots.

And now that I am a nurse, there is this thing in me that wants me to become a military nurse. We'll see about that. And for now, let me just focus on my hospital training first This is the left step, and yes, the step-to-the-right maybe that of being a military nurse. What do you think?

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