Don't Meet the Spartans, for warriors sake!

meet the spartansWhen I watched 10,000 BC last time, one of the trailers before the feature presentation included Meet the Spartans. I must admit I was so enticed by it that I couldn't help the itch to watch the movie.

But because it didn't came too soon when I had the time to watch it in the cinema, I opted to watch the movie in a friend's house, along with some of my other friends, using a pirated DVD. (Oh I hope the cops are not after my friend).

And how was it? Boring and corny. There are more than nasty "ha-ha" you can give to the movie than the real, laugh-out-loud hilarity that you can get. I may not have admired and appreciated the movie because I hadn't watched 300, in which it is solely their focus of mockery, but my friends (who had watched "300") who were with me watching "Meet the Spartans" did not at all liked the Spartans. It sucks, they say.

Although the movie sucks, at least for our taste, it is still nice to note that this epic movie, starring Carmen Electra and the boys with make-upped chests and abs so that their bodies looked perfectly chiseled, had hit the top spot, edging out "Rambo". That's pretty amazing, to think that this movie is not at all very memorable.

"I think we tend to underestimate films like 'Meet the Spartans,' Paul Dergarabedian, president of box office tracker Media By Numbers, said.

Oh yes, he is right. We underestimated the movie. And if you have not yet seen the movie, I advise you not to waste your money on something stupid as this is. Or go ahead, watch at your risk, especially if you want a piece of Britney Spears again, and a Paris Hilton parodied.

You have been warned... I give this an "E" that sucks...

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Pinay WAHM said...

Alam mo I have not heard of this movie. Is it a spoof? Naku I don't get to follow na pagdating sa movies. Puro artista lang ata ang nababasa ko.

Anyway, just hopping here to wish you a great week...

Ate J

chase / chubz said...

the movie really suck.
but i like watching half naked guys.. heheh hot half naked guys. hehehe

Zang Caesar said...

@ ate j - it's an comedy epic movie. it sucks, really.

@ chase - hahaha... oh well, that's something to at least be liked about in the film. LOL

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