Do you want to be a pharmacy technician?

You may have thought nursing is the only medical or health-related profession that is enjoying high demand for employment nowadays, but that truth is that there is seemingly a huge insufficiency in numbers of employee in the health team in the US hospitals nowadays. That's why you can just imagine a number of nursers from the so-called nurse factories in the world—Philippines, India and China—migrating to work in US. But did you know that aside from nurses, you can still get a good future by being a pharmacy technician? What does this job do?

A pharmacy technician assists licensed pharmacists, either in hospitals or in pharmacies. A pharmacy tech aids in providing prescribed medication and other health care products to patients. Counting tablets, labeling bottles and ensuring that meds are still viable for use are some of their routine tasks.

How much does this pay? In 2002, median hourly earnings of pharmacy techs were $10.70, but these wages vary. Here are the factors that affect pharmacy technician salary:

General medical and surgical hospitals: $12.32
Grocery stores: $11.34
Drugs and druggists' sundries merchant wholesalers: $10.60
Health and personal care stores: $9.70
Department stores: $9.69
Other factors affecting wage include certification, shift, and union membership.

This job is really a good alternative for those who does not want to spend much in their education and training and still earn a decent amount of salary. For more information, visit sites that describes comprehensively the functions and benefits of being a pharmacy technician.

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