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3gb social communitiesConnecting to our friends, both new and old, in the previous decades was way harder than it is now. Thanks to modern technology. Mobile phones have spawned easier connectivity between people, and the advent of internet has largely help in our connection to people around the globe. And speaking of internet, it is another thanks to the social communities that have constantly sprung up.

Personally, social communities had helped me a lot to meet new friends and the old, almost forgotten ones. There is only one social community that I maintain as of this time, but I do not really frequent it. I kind of don’t approve very much of their system. But if you join 3gb community, you will be amazed that they have this chat system so you can talk with other members, plus their mp3 system so you can hear the mp3 hits uploaded, if music is what grabs your taste like in my case. You can also have your blog in this community, too! And just like other social communities, you can upload your photos and share them to your friends, or join groups if you want.

Get connected now!

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joanjoyce said...

tumataginting na 250 ito diba? woooooooooooooow yaman balato :D

MP3 e MP4 said...

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Zang said...

@ joanjoyce - 250? di eh, 10 lang to, in short 6.50 nlang dahil sa SR to. san ba yang 250 na yan? malaking pera sana.

@ mp3 e mp4 - thanks for visiting my blog!

joanjoyce said...

sa sponsored ko nakita e :D

Pinay WAHM said...

Hopping here again....


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