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I desire fame, do you do too? Oh, come on, who doesn’t want to be popular? We love attention that sometimes we seek it, or if lucky enough, we just get it effortlessly. And we so, so love it. Or at least, I do.

blog tv live showIt isn’t arguable that most people of these times are narcissistic: they love taking pictures of themselves and show it to the world by way of photo blogs and of profile pages like those in the various social sites. Even videos had been invaded by this modern-world narcissism.

live show
But how ever those are, if you fancy being watched by the world, get your camera on and be on live TV. You can show off your talents and amazing skills, create and enlarge your fan base and even share opinions with the other “narcissists”. You’ve got 15 minutes to fame through live broadcast, so show everything you got. Entertain the world with your live show and who knows, your video might be a viral one and you can become the next internet superstar. How’s that?

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Filipino in Canada said...

lol...this sounds interesting...

Zang Caesar said...

sounds like it and looks like it. hehe

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