Zang Caesar is now up!

zang caesar

I am glad to announce to everyone that my self-hosted domain, Zang Caesar, is now up and running. It's been a month or so that I was really digging for a new site, something to call my own, and not a free hosted blog. What's more, if you have your own domain, you can monetize it all the more. Plus the pride that you have your own domain is quite comforting and exciting.

I still have a lot to improve with my new site, and apparently a lot to learn in the Wordpress platform. I like Wordpress so much as it provides users various ways to enjoy their site without all the hassles. Just plug the plug-ins and then off you go. There are also many features that Wordpress has, features that are obviously hasn't been provided by the Blogger platform.

Although I have now a new site, I will not leave this blog of mine at once, but rather do it gradually, or not leave it at all. I will just have to focus more on my new site and that I still will update this My Consoling Asylum of mine. One of these days, furthermore, I will grant this blog its unique domain so it too can easily make money through sponsored posts.

Forgive me for not having been an active blogger lately, but now that everything seems in place, I can now get back to my usual blogging routine. Or so I hope and pray...

Watch out, fellas. I might be throwing a bomb or two here. Nyahahaha...

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joanjoyce said...

Wonder what bomb is it? I hope its not something fatal or smelly, LOL!

Zang said...

just wait and see. LOL. kahit anong bombs

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chase / chubz said...

just checked it out.
wow. very nice.

Zang Caesar said...

@ chase - thanks! unfortunately, i haven't been able to update it on a regular basis

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